11 nov. 2009

Few, I'm comming back / ya estoy de vuelta

Well, well, well, it looks like finally I've got some time to do a little posting. Tha past three weeks have been kind of crazy and stressing since we've moved into another house, of another city so I could start working on a new job. So, big change!!You know how stressing looking for a new house can be, most of all because it was our first house together. So, it seems like everything is a bit settle now so last night i started to work on the new buttercup kit, which arrived like a couple of weeks ago (along with some other goodies, hihi).

Somebody suggested here in my blog that since I want to converted it in a Christmas Cottage I should do a Ginger House. I thought it was a great idea and soon started search for some inspiration. I found this gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful Ginger House, made by the great Teresa Lymann. So, I emailed her, asking everything, from materials to 'how to do' things. She was so kind, you cant imagine. She answered everything!!! I'm not ashamed to say that I'm copying her, since I asked for her permission and since I'm started this whole miniature hobby. Sometimes, copying is great to learn the technics when you're a just a begginer and I know that eventually I would find my way and my own style, right?

So, after I messeasure every piece, do a quickly assemble of the kit and made a 'decoration' planning, I started with the fireplace.

I made the structure with foamboard following Nikki's tutorials and then added paperclay creating a 'stone' surface, following this other tutorial.

So far, it looks like this,

And I can call my self a happy woman. Now, I should start with the painting job. But, that's a completly different story.

2 comentarios:

  1. Ahh! esa casa de Navidad (la gingerbread) salía en la revista Miniaturas de la Navidad pasada. Es realmente alucinante.
    Creo que has tenido muy buen tino, te va a quedar genial.
    Por cierto enhorabuena por al nueva casa :)

  2. Hola Begoña,

    Como soy periodista y he visto que tu tmb, te felicito por este hobby tan absorvente que tienes y te invito a pasarte por mi blog que no tiene que ver con las casitas pero si con el periodismo.

    Saludos, espero que te guste.