25 feb. 2010

I'm back!!!/he vuelto

I've been away for a while, I know. Since last december, times has flown away so fast. Can you believe is almost March already???Me neither. Anyway, I've been a busy bee and havent worked on minis that much. I'm getting married next July (thank you!) and it's been driving me crazy. Besides, I didn't have a place I could use to work on my minis. Right now, both things seem to be solved and the whole wedding 'to do' list it's almost over: I've a got a gorgeous dress (that i'm not gonna show yet, by the way, you nosy girls!), the guest list is closed, we've got a beautiful restaurant with beautiful  garden to held the recepcion in, we've got the church and last but not least, we've got a priest! So, not more wedding stuff till may, yiha!!

Here is the desk i built so i could have a place to work on my miniatures in. Not bad, eh? 

Finally, I wanna show you my new miniature project, probably the most important one. My baby Puskas. Isn't he the cutest dog you've ever seen???
Look at him so cute!!!! He's a Jack Russell full of energy and I love him so much already I cant believe it!!Seriously, I'm really, truly and deeply in love with puppy!!! I know that you who have dogs know what I mean. Here you have a video of him and me playing around the house. Hope you enjoy it and see you soon with real miniatures.