27 sept. 2009

Hi everyone! /¡hola a todos!

Hi everyone. 
This is my very first post and I decide to opon the blog with a picture of my wonderful kitchen counter, I'm very proud of it because its the first big piece I get to make myself from scratch. I used an old tutorial I found in a an old miniature book I had had since I was twelve and transformed myself to adapted it to my kitchen. I was looking for a countryside style, not very old, not very modern and with a shabby chic touch. This picture was my first inpiration for the colour scheme. What do you thing about it??Do you think I got what I was looking for??I think so!

Hola a todo el mundo.
Este es mi primer post y he decidido inaugurarlo con una foto de mi maravilloso mueble de cocina. Estoy muy orgullosa de él porque es la primera gran pieza que he conseguido hacer entera desde el primer trozo de madera hasta el último toque de pintura. Usé un tutorial de un viejo libro de miniaturas que tengo desde que tenía doce años y adapté el plano a lo que necesitaba para mi cocina. Buscaba un estilo de mueble rústico francés, no demasiado antiguo no demasiado moderno y con un toque de shabby chic. Esta cocina fue mi primera inspiración a la hora de elegir los colores. ¿Qué os parece? Creeis que he conseguido lo que buscaba. Yo sí!!Estoy supercontenta con el resultado. El esfuerzo valió la pena!!

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  1. Welcome to the blogsphere mini friend.(did not find your name?)
    This kitchen counter is just perfect,and for a beginner this is very much a piece of art!!!
    I'm about to finish my stockroom and soon I will start at my kitchen,this counter would fit right in to it....I do love it very much! I can't wait to see more mini's from you!

  2. Welcome to my blog,and the blogworld! I love your kitchen counter, and I hope you will continue to post such wonderful ministuff!
    The best of luck with the minis and the blog!
    Synnøve :D

  3. Hello!
    Therer was a lovely first pice you´ve made!
    I love the countrystyle!Thank´s for put my blog in your list!
    I´m looking forward to follow your blog!


  4. Welcome to the blogworld Begoña and thank you for following me.
    I love your kitchen sink, you did a great job on that! Love the colours too.
    Enjoy your miniatures and your blog, which I am more than happy to follow!

    Josje (A Beautiful World)

  5. Me gusta mucho como te ha quedado el mueble de cocina y los colores son un acierto.

  6. The kitchen counter is amazing- truly a work of art! I think you got what you were looking for :)

  7. Bienvenida a este maravilloso mundo. Y al mundo de las miniaturas.. Has iniciado con fuerza. El mueble es fantastico. Felicidades.

  8. Welcome to the blogworld! The counter is just beautiful! I don't understand how a beginner can make such a thing!

  9. Hola Begoña,
    Bienvenida a este fantástico mundo d elas minis y la blogosfera.
    Fantástico mueble de verdad. ¿Y dices que es el primero? Pues de aqui a un tiempecito van a ser espectaculares!
    Un beso

  10. Hi Begona, I'm so glad you started blogging and have this opportunity to meet you. This first creation is amazing! I love every detail and then these shelves grab my heart to love it even more! I want one too..:)

  11. Your kitchen counter is great - I woudln't have guessed you are a beginner at making miniatures from this example - well done.
    Best wishes

  12. Hi Begona, I'm so glad you started blogging and this opportunity to meet you. This first creation is amazing! I love every detail and then these shelves grab my heart to love it even more! I want one too..:)

  13. Thank you very much, I wouldt have expected this sweet reaction from all of you. You are so kind!!! Furniture is so much easier that clay or fimo, my fimo miniatures are just terrible. Maybe wood is my thing, right??

    Guau, muchisimas gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios, no me esperaba esta bienvenida tan calurosa de todo el mundo!!!! Hacer muebles es mucho más fácil que trabajar con arcilla o con fimo, mis miniaturas con fimo son horribles, tendrías que verlas!!A lo mejor es que lo mío es la madera, no??

  14. Hello
    I just discovered your blog and your little
    kitchen counter and I think it looks fantastic.
    It´s hard to believe that you are a beginner -
    so, yes wood seems to be your thing, and I look
    forward to seeing more of your work!

    /Eva J

  15. La madera es lo tuyoooo.Como me gusta tu mueble de cocina ese estilo rústico me priva,así que soy seguidora de tu blog y tus minis pero ya,besicos.Sonia.

  16. Hi Begona, it's great that you started this blog! Your work is absolutely great! You didn't miss any details, it's just perfect! I'm a happy follower!)

  17. Hola tocaya !!!!! el mueblecito verde te ha quedado mega-logrado!!!!!! es el estilo con el que me identifico...asi que hasta pronto, un saludo de acogida cariñoso Begoña

  18. Hola
    ı love your kitchen .And Im beginning making miniatures.With my best wishes from İstanbul

  19. es un mueble realmente precioso..y ademas has conseguido todo lo que tu querias...maravilloso¡

  20. Very good this for the kitchen, so wonderful!